In-house blast cleaning

Proper preparation is the key to long life

To ensure the integrity of steel and other metals, a coating or a lining should be applied to protect the surfaces from corrosion. To ensure the success of these processes (and thereby increase the durability of the coating or lining), the steel substrate should first undergo surface preparation to remove contaminants and create suitable conditions for the final paint or galvanised finish.

BS EN ISO 8501-1:2007 describes various grades of surface preparation cleanliness achieved through hand cleaning, cleaning using power tools and abrasive blast cleaning. Blast cleaning is the most efficient when factors such as cost, time, and effectiveness are considered. It helps in surface preparation by removing contaminants before coating, painting or lining.

We use both wet and dry systems for blast cleaning. Dry blasting is more aggressive and quicker, whilst wet blasting generates no heat, thus avoiding distortion of lighter panels – ideal for classic car restoration.

We use recycled glass as our blast medium. It can be endlessly recycled, is totally inert and better for the environment. The profile left on the metal through blast cleaning with glass is finer, therefore, producing a high-end finish and less preparation work for the paint finisher.

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