CNC Plasma Cutting

Fast, accurate and efficient cutting

CNC cutting has revolutionised steel cutting and is the best way to cut steel plate with great accuracy.  The cutting head creates an electric arc supported by compressed air, which gives a clean, accurate cut. 

We can work to your digital files, loading them into our smart CAD/CAM software, or produce them ourselves. Our smart cut software optimises the cut pattern for every project, resulting in minimal wastage, less energy consumption and much lower cost. It also cuts the amount of waste material generated by each job, reducing the environmental impact.

We always carry up to 10 tons of steel plate in stock, so we can provide a very fast turnaround and deliver the final plate within 24 hours if needed, reducing downtime on site and keeping your job moving forward.

A CNC plasma cutter handles profiles from simple repetitive components to complex one-off shapes of almost limitless complexity. CNC cutting also produces clean profile edges and a high-quality surface finish, so less cleaning up or surface work is required for the final finish.

Mechanical Structures and Engineering Techniques

We provide a variety of structural engineering services for industrial, commercial and institutional owners

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James Evans & Sons is a family-owned and family-run steel engineering company located in Ross-shire in the Highlands of Scotland. The company was founded in 1977 and has grown continuously to respond to the needs of emerging sectors and regional and international clients ever since.

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